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  • Hey all,

    We're in the midst of transitioning from our Wiki over to Sphinx-based documentation. We just completed it this weekend, have a look:

    We'd love contributors to it, anything from how-to's for plugins or themes to guides for administrating NodeBB from an end-user perspective.

    It's part of our core repository. The idea is that we can update docs concurrently along with the core (ex. if I were to add a new plugin hook, I would also update the documentation at the same time). Hopefully we can also increase participation as well.

    Anyways, give us your thoughts. If you want a certain section included or if you were interested in contributing to something, let us know 🙂

  • Is it "moving wiki from github to own page generated by files from within repo"?
    Sorry for the question but I still don't like the usage of "documentation" in this use-case because "documentation" lets me think about documentation of single js-functions/variables/classes...

    Of cause my first thought of this new wiki is: It's better for you to manage since you don't need to access github from browser anymore, therefor it's better for users/plugin-writers/etc. because it's more up-to-date 🙂
    more thoughts: nice layout, search is useful

    maybe you should replace the github-wiki with a link to the new one 😉

  • Yeah I gotcha, I know exactly what you mean. It's something we'll think about eventually (traditional documentation generated from comments within source) but moving to repo is a step in that direction I would imagine.

    And thanks 🙂

    yeah will update the link tomorrow 🙂

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