How to add slug to the url where nodebb shows.

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    We have released NodeBB v1.18.5. This release contains important security fixes.

    Upgrading is strongly advised.

    Please check our GitHub for details.

    A special thank you goes out to SonarSource for their contributions to this release and their detailed findings! To read more on this, please check out their blog post.

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    It's exactly how it's working! And you still can render it by name like 'categories' without extension.

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    @julian said:

    I'm unfamiliar with C#, and we don't handle socket establishing on our end, we just let the library handle it.

    Perhaps you can get a better idea by investigating the source code of this project?

    Hi Julian,
    I am using that only. Can you provide some help on how can I connect using Chrome Web socket plugin, I mean what URL to use? That might clarify my query.

    My objective of using C# is that I want to see whether I can get notifications from outside without logging into my local NodeBB application.


  • Add PHP API

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    <?php class nodebb { function category_add ($params='name=Default category name', $token='e9de6fb6-1234-5678-8bbc-b5073fd1edef'){ shell_exec('/usr/bin/curl -H "Authorization: Bearer '.$token.'" --data "'.$params.'" http://localhost:4567/forum/api/v1/categories'); } } $nodebb = new nodebb; $nodebb->category_add(); return false;

    Now it's much easier 🙂

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    @StuartH it may have to do with how often NodeBB calls the hook, and since it's a SINGLE PAGE APP, it's not much, I've seen that weirdness, but I am not too sure what to do about it, the filter is pretty straight forward. what you can do to verify that's the footer code is being generated correctly, is to view-source of the page, then search for nodebb-plugin-42 comment.
    if for some reason, the javascript generated is invalid, you may have a page error. I am working on a fix for this issue