How much money do you make by nodebb?

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    I have been using nodebb for nearly 3 years. Thanks for the nodebb team.

    In these 3 years, I put lots of my energy and resources in the forum and it runs pretty good. On the other hand, I am thinking if I can get something from it, since I cannot afford the more and more expenditure. However, currently it looks tough to make money by the nodebb vanilla. AFAIK most of the websites make money by advertising. I did not figure out how to add such module in the nodebb. Obviously you are not aware and advertising in /, since nodebb does not live by advertising.

    Finally I cannot help wondering do you face such problem? or do you just afford all the expenditure? It existing to run the forum at the beginning. But it needs to much for a long run if the website cannot cover the expenditure by its self, isn't it? What do you think guys?

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    Your forum is for chinese in China? JD & Taobao ads in widgets sound like an option.

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