• Hi, I just wanted to ask if we can have a field and some filters for tags (maybe even instead of sub-categories).

    I don't mean to advertise other products here, but I kinda really dig the way both github and discourse do it. Do you guys have something planned out in this direction?

  • @jonathanmh I use exactly what you've described and it is immensely useful.

    People select a topic prefix (badge) from a dropdown menu (could autocomplete with NodeBB when typing the post title). The options are preconfigured from the ACP (in my case things like Mix, Tutorial, Q&A, Sample) clicking these while in a category filters only those with matching prefixes (badges). It's great for busy forums where people only want to see certain things rather than scanning through page after page of posts. (In a way it's similar to the Mark as Read that's already implemented where it filters by category. But for posts.

    +1 for this. 😆

  • That sounds pretty good! I would love a separate field for this though, auto-complete is kind of a great implementation for this, I agree!

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