• I do not intend for nodebb chat to look like phpbb chat
    because if it were that way it would not be in nodebb, it would be in phpbb

    What I would like is for the chat to improve pointing to the nodebb style and be user friendly.
    Good ideas have said here, thank you

  • GNU/Linux

    Or just add moderation tools on global tchat plugins will be perfect like:

    • delete/edit message off all users
    • clear history
    • exclude users/ban temporarly or not a user of the chat room

    Just that will be perfect

  • GNU/Linux

    No response here.

    However, moderation tools on a feature such as this are essential for a forum.

  • GNU/Linux


    Any news about to add moderation tools on global chat plugin ?

  • NodeBB Admin

    No news 馃摪

  • @DownPW There is no news and there will be no news. The development and support of such a chat will require more resources than the support of the forum. It is much easier to integrate a ready-made free chat platform into a forum

  • GNU/Linux


    maybe but it's less clean and I don't like to multiply resources too much
    And I don't see what soft to include

    Given the little need for addition, I think it would be quite possible.
    We're just talking about being able to edit or ban users from the Chat. pretty basic things after all.

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @DownPW The thing is, you're looking to add full chat support to NodeBB, which is a forum software. That's not to say that it's impossible, but rather that it's a commit of resources in a direction that we don't agree with, because every additional feature we add means we have to support it going forward.

    ... and then there's the whole idea of "doing one thing and doing it well". You can argue that NodeBB does a lot of things, but it does one thing really well, and that's being a forum. Everything else is gravy, but also doesn't mean that it'd be good enough to compete with other dedicated products.

    For example, would we want to commit resources (however limited they be) to building out a better chat frontend, when Discord would kick our ass ten times out of ten?

    Just something to think about. Remember, I'm not trying to say that Discord is better than NodeBB or vice versa, but merely that we're comparing apples and oranges here, and sometimes you want an apple, sometimes you want an orange, but few people want an apple-orange hybrid that's not quite as good as either 馃槈

    I think the analogy is on the verge of falling apart there, so I'll stop now hah.

  • GNU/Linux


    I completely understand what you are saying.

    But for me, integrating a Discord plugin to NodeBB with authentication to Discord etc... is clearly not something viable.

    Everything I've seen so far is really impractical and crosses platforms. What is not user friendly

    I was talking about improving the global chat and not making it a Discord or something like that. This goes back to your analogy.

    The concern I see is that many people on the forums like chat and integrating it natively or through plugins is already done.

    Just add basic moderation functions and it would be perfect.

    But I don't want to be a pain in the ass so I'm going to stop there too 馃槈

  • @DownPW said in Chat in main page:

    But I don't want to be a pain in the ass so I'm going to stop there too

    If only everything in life was as fair as @DownPW 馃檪

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