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    Hi all,

    I want to say first that this is a wonderful piece of software and my hats go off to the developers.

    I've personally been using IPB for two of my websites and honestly; it's a bit of a headache to deal with. Once node becomes more stable I will def look to switch them over.

    Some things I would be interested to see:
    1.) Ability to control the menu bar

    2.) The custom home page feature is great, I'd like to see it expanded into a feature that we can actually add multiple pages. Sort of like what IP.content is offering.

    3.) Botscout, stop spammer integration.

    If I think of more I'll be sure to reply 🙂 I know this is a growing community and the support here is 100x better than IPB's so that is a HUGE plus for a guy like me. I'm not 100% tech savy, but with a little help I can figure things out on my own. I set up my server finally....but that took like 3 days but I did it! 🙂


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    I'll agree with most of those, although for me I've not had any stability issues with core NodeBB, just compatibility with certain plugins, but that will be fixed soon enough. @julian has made a Honeypot Plugin that can be used to utilise the Project Honeypot API, which I currently use on an SMF forum. (Moving away from SMF as one of the best developers they had quit due to a lack of project management and SMF 2.1 has been in "development" for almost 3 years. SMF 2.0 was released 5 years ago, so it's rather outdated in terms of features etc.

    You can add things to the menu bar using plugins, which is what I'm currently looking at doing to implement a few custom links etc.

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    I think I'll give the honeypot plugin a try to see how it works out. Thanks for the info.

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    @erich At present, the honey pot module I made is for other node application to take advantage of it. So it's more like an intermediary to help other plugin writers get plugins out the door.

    The one that I do know is in development is @bentael's spam be gone plugin 🙂

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