NodeBB Forum Hosting

  • Hello everyone there.

    I know many of you are not comfortable renting a NodeBB forum on the official website given the elevated pricing. That's why, understanding a lower budget, I created a private hosting service where I setup and keep up your forum, even under your own domain and HTTPS enabled.

    My pricing is simple. $30 for the initial setup and $10 for the monthly cost implying infrastructure spendings. I am also aware that ensuring your NodeBB forum is always online becomes substantial, so DDoS protection also comes free.

    Please message me for a custom quote that adjusts to your budget and the needs of your community.

    NodeBB Installs.

  • How can i put on by website-- Happy Diwali Status

  • @Andy-Jinn Hello, I didn't understand your concern. Anyhow, please message me privately to discuss this.


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