[nodebb-plugin-openfantasy] Full-fledged RPG system for NodeBB

  • Swedes

    This is really cool, a lot of work 😉

  • Admin

    Awesome, I started my journey on the web on an RPG forum

    If you had something similar then it was probably ADR by phpBB? 😉 This is a continuation of that project 🙂

  • long live adr..

    I think i still have everysingle addon ever made.

    I miss seteo blokes website, espeially the albums with chicks in it 😛

  • I remember when I ran a BBS and had The Pit for my dial-up users to play. Kick ass game and this is a fun addition to many genre of forums.

  • GNU/Linux

    I just installed this on my forums running 0.7-dev and it seems to be working OK. I had to manually copy the translations files since they didn't seem to install correctly but other than that it's working.

    I really want to contribute to this plugin, is there a TODO or project page for this somewhere?

  • Glad this popped up as a new post. This plugins looks awesome...

  • Admin

    @KingCat I'll write up a roadmap / todo on the weekend. Thanks for offering to help 🙂

  • GNU/Linux

    @psychobunny I've always wanted to make a browser based rpg but never had the wherewithal to create something useable, I think this way I can scratch my itch without having to create all the underlying plumbing haha.

    Also, I'm in the nodebb IRC on freenode if you ever want to come by and chat about it.

  • Anime Lovers

    I will be installing the latest version in the next few days and testing it out. 😛 Sounds like the changes you did are pretty sweet.

  • Admin

    I'll make a roadmap soon but I think the most immediate need is an admin interface to modify data. Right now everything is hardcoded to the default install, you can see the data here:


    Basically this is what you get when you install for the first time, so monster/item/class/element definitions, etc. The original ADR had a pretty in-depth admin interface that allowed you to create or modify the above.

    It's definitely a bit of an undertaking, but if anybody's interested I can go ahead and create one sample page (ex. Elements ACP - creating/editing) and then you could go from there by copying how I did it?

  • GNU/Linux

    @psychobunny That would be great. I've been struggling with the new settings system so seeing it implemented correctly would be nice.

  • Just installed openfantasy after upgrading to nodebb 0.7.0-dev, i noticed that images were not working.
    I saw that it was trying to load images from localhost:4567/plugins/nodebb-plugin-openfantasy/static/images/.

    This was caused by the following line in node_modules/nodebb-plugin-openfantasy/openfantasy.js:

    var constants = Object.freeze({
    "image_path": nconf.get('url') + "/plugins/nodebb-plugin-openfantasy/static/images/"

    Because I'm running nginx as a proxy to force ssl it couldn't get the correct url, I simply hacked the url into it as such, of course fill in your own url:
    var constants = Object.freeze({
    "image_path": "https://community.aeterna.nl" + "/plugins/nodebb-plugin-openfantasy/static/images/"

    I'll see if I can find a better fix for this in the meanwhile.

  • @Aeterna said:


    Should just be the output of URL inside config.json, which, should really be your domain name if you have one.

  • @a_5mith
    This would make sense, but it then results in images not loading and a persistent "connecting...".
    There are then calls being made on the url (which in my case would be https://community.aeterna.nl:4567). I see the tcp connections; but there is no response from nodebb.

    It simply times out.
    I also tried rebinding nginx to also listen on the outside ip port 4567 to proxy connections through to where nodebb would reside; however this changed nothing.

  • Admin

    I think that line should read nconf.get('relative_path') instead

  • Anime Lovers

    @psychobunny said:

    It's definitely a bit of an undertaking, but if anybody's interested I can go ahead and create one sample page (ex. Elements ACP - creating/editing) and then you could go from there by copying how I did it?

    Sorry, it's been a while since I actually have used NodeBB and I cannot remember how to properly quote. 😛 I thought it was a matter of highlighting the text and hitting reply, but that didn't work. I'm putting NodeBB back up on my vps tonight.

    Anyway, I've decided to finally sit down and learn NodeJS. As part of my training I thought I'd take you up on this offer if your still willing to create the sample page.

  • Swedes

    @psychobunny Are you still working on this? It would be cool to have it in my game community 🙂 Any live demos with user data out there ?

  • It's really sad that we can't use this plugin 😞

  • GNU/Linux

    This is a huge undertaking, especially considering the updates it requires to stay in line with the fast-paced development of nodebb. I'm surprised @psychobunny was able to keep up at all considering they maintain dozens of plugins already.

  • Admin

    This works on latest master. I just tried it! It is of course incomplete, but monster battles, inventory, shop, some locations like the temple etc. do work.

    EDIT: This is not on NPM though. There's no point in publishing it until it's actually worth playing

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