• Hello,

    Am coming here from 1 year of using Discourse Forum and found this one looks more fancy specially when it comes to shape and design and more faster.
    but i have few questions before i decide to go with NODE BB and i hope you can help me with that.

    1- MOST IMPORTANT: how the backups carried here ? is there any officially endorsed plugin or plugins to make the backup process easy ? can we send the backups to google drive for example and how easy is the process to callback the backups in case of any problem with the forum ? for example in wordpress you can do it by one click through Vaultpress

    2- Can i serve google adsense banners on my community and how ?

    3- What is the best and easiest way to install this software on Digital ocean ?

    4- Themes and plugins installation also needs long procedure like Discourse ? building the container takes ages there am i going to face the same thing with this software?

    5- How the software update process is ? can be done by one click ?

    6- does this software needs special email configurations like Dsicourse to deliver the emails ? because in Discourse you need to integrate the website with 3rd part SMTP server to get the emails.

    Thank you.

  • Any help please ? @baris @julian

  • A kind reminder @baris @julian

  • Just using Nodebb not a long time.

    1. Backup is not convenient currently and you can't do what you say for now.
    2. Yes, just install the plugin.
    3. Installing NodeBB on the Cloud
    4. Nodebb installation is easy and fast more than Discourse, you don't have to build a Docker image.
    5. I have not an upgrade yet, newest version I was installed. Also, you can go https://docs.nodebb.org/configuring/upgrade/
    6. Third part Email service is optional and you easy to config email on Nodebb.
  • GNU/Linux Admin

    To add a bit more detail -- because we support different database options, you'll have to configure backups for the database you're using. For example, if using Redis, you'll have to back up the dump.rdb file regularly, and with Mongo, you'll need to take scheduled mongodumps of the database for safekeeping.

    There is no one-click configuration for backups at the moment.

    Plugins can be installed via the admin panel and you can rebuild your forum easily via the admin dashboard. You install the plugin, activate it, and then hit "rebuild and restart" from the dashboard. Once the rebuild step is complete (~30s) the new plugin should be loaded and good to go.

    For emails, we recommend nodebb-plugin-emailer-sendgrid.

  • @julian Clear enough, thank you so much.

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