• Hi @julien
    Thank you so much for adding the quill plugin.
    After too many issues with Redactor, I am trying to switch.

    The plugin seems to work fine, however, I cannot upload a picture.
    When I do, the picture does make it to the upload directory, but then the plugin stops on jquery - Uncaught Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression.

    [filename] (path_to_filename) ![filename] (path_to_filename) ![filename] (path_to_filename)
    at Function.ae.error (jquery.js:1541)
    at ae.tokenize (jquery.js:2193)
    at ae.select (jquery.js:2620)
    at Function.ae [as find] (jquery.js:845)
    at x.fn.init.find (jquery.js:2873)
    at new x.fn.init (jquery.js:2983)
    at x (jquery.js:139)
    at i.<anonymous> (preview.js:24)
    at i.onack (socket.io.js:7)
    at i.onpacket (socket.io.js:7)
    ae.error @ jquery.js:1541
    ae.tokenize @ jquery.js:2193
    ae.select @ jquery.js:2620
    ae @ jquery.js:845
    find @ jquery.js:2873
    x.fn.init @ jquery.js:2983
    x @ jquery.js:139
    (anonymous) @ preview.js:24
    i.onack @ socket.io.js:7
    i.onpacket @ socket.io.js:7
    (anonymous) @ socket.io.js:7
    i.emit @ socket.io.js:6
    i.ondecoded @ socket.io.js:6
    (anonymous) @ socket.io.js:7
    i.emit @ socket.io.js:6
    s.add @ socket.io.js:6
    i.ondata @ socket.io.js:6
    (anonymous) @ socket.io.js:7
    i.emit @ socket.io.js:6
    i.onPacket @ socket.io.js:6
    (anonymous) @ socket.io.js:6
    i.emit @ socket.io.js:6
    i.onPacket @ socket.io.js:7
    i.onData @ socket.io.js:7
    ws.onmessage @ socket.io.js:7

    any idea?
    Thank you!

  • OK, the issue was with line 200 of quill-nbb.js
    if (data.text.startsWith('/'))

    The data-source may be different, so perhaps "/" should not be hard-coded.
    Moving on, now trying to remove the random id that was attached to the filename...

  • GNU/Linux Admin

    @JJSagan I can't seem to reproduce the issue you're having with uploaded files, they seem to work on my development environment..

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