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  • Hello. This has already been asked by someone else, whether they can hide subcategories from home page but the response was to modify the CSS. Could there be a feature which could hide the subcategories without having to modify the CSS?

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    @Iman-Tumorang you can place on the page using widgets

    go to extend > widgets and then select from available widgets on the right side and drag to the left to where you want it to show.

    example: you can show forum stats by dragging it to the footer

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    Like that except in a widget, just like you have "active users" widget for each category.

    Useful mainly for gaming and such, so you can list different teams on your homepage.

    I also found a bug in the current version, you hover over a user in a widget. it pops up "Chas", you then navigate to any other page and go back. The Hover/popup of the user stops working. //lavender theme

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    @Tanner yup, just slightly more work as you'd have to wire up the save/load calls when the homepage is loaded.

    You could get away with doing the save only, if there were a hook for home page retrieval, but to my knowledge, we don't have one... (yet?)

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    You can explicitly follow a topic, perhaps you should also be able to explicitly mute one?

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    Buttons to add social profile pages on top.