Make a chat room "read only" for certain users

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    Is there a way that our moderator/super moderator can create category and sub-category ?

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    Hi Devs,

    I understand that chat notification occur when the target user is not directly focused on the chat itself. I further understand that the notification will also be delayed by about a minute just in case more messages come in.

    However, in the latest version, it seems that when chat is sent, the target user will not get notified within 1 minute (pending the above). Actually, action:notification.pushed is triggered after few minutes, if at all.

    Anything I am doing wrong?


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    @baris Yup this worked.. i was able to update everything.. I thought i was going crazy for a while earlier when it was still signing in with the old emails..

    Thanks again.

  • "No input file specified."

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    System has been runninging flawlessly all day since upgrading to 0.9.1 without a repeat of this issue. Let's just put it down to something weird in the machine.


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    I'm not looking for a fully automated process, but a process that generates a list of spam users, where the admin can ban or delete these users with just one click.

    There are several ways to identify spam users.

    What I see is, that users register and either place a spam post directly or wait several days and then post spam.
    So in our forum a user with one post and negative reputation is a spammer with a 99.5% hit rate.

    I really would appreciate a plugin for that, or better a broader one, where based on user parameters different actions like 'ban' or 'delete' can be taken on admin' s decision. One admin could prefer 'ban' another one could prefer 'delete'.

    Also there could be different triggers for actions like 1 post and negative reputation
    registered long (= month or years) ago, but no post,....

    Unfortunately I'm pretty new to nodebb and not able to code a plugin myself.