How long will it take before I could use my nodebb setup?

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  • I have installed nodebb on digital ocean following all the instructions. Pointed my dns to the server ip address. It has been a few hours and I am still not able to access the nodebb. Do anyone know how long after the initial setup will it take for me use nodebb. Is there another way I could check if the installation was successful.

  • In theory it should be accessible immediately after installation, but let me ask you some questions:

    • Which instructions did you follow?
    • What do you mean by "not able to access the nodebb"? Can you expand this a bit?
    • Did you use the domain for something else previous to pointing it to your NodeBB? Could it be that your local DNS cache hasn't updated yet?
  • @dravere Never mind. I figured it out myself. The issue was with nginx. I did not set it up properly. After fixing it now I have my nodebb setup just fine. Now I am facing a new issue. I'm able to access the forum from my mobile, but from desktop it redirects to nginx welcome page. Don't understand why.

  • @gokg4 Try clearing your cache. Some browser even cache redirects. So if you got redirected previously it might continue to do so. At least that is usually my problem when this happens 🙂

  • @dravere Thankyou. That worked. Configuring my forum now. NodeBB looks solid. Will update when it is live.

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