Plugin page returns 404 but searchable in Search for Settings

  • I've been trying to use nodebb-plugin-import on our live forum after successfully importing on localhost but I've been running into these issues. (Both sites are 1.8.2)

    First, the plugin is not found by Install Plugins > Search, so I npm install it. Then activate and rebuild.

    It's not showing up under Plugins, and going directly to plugins/import returns a 404, but it does show up if I search for it in the Admin settings search box, it returns several settings on the plugin's page!

    Already tried deleting and re-installing the forum, no change.

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    Make sure the plugin is saved to package.json

    Make sure the plugin is actually installed with npm ls nodebb-plugin-import

    Does the plugin not show up in the list in the ACP, or does it just not show up in the menus?

  • I used --save and it is in package.json. It is in the list in ACP, but not in the menus.
    npm ls nodebb-plugin-import returns

    nodebb@1.8.2 /var/nodebb
    └── nodebb-plugin-import@0.4.7 

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    @rogerlevy I can explain why it shows up in search: the search index is built from the templates during the build step.

    Anyways, it's a weird issue. Are there any errors in the logs?

  • No errors in the logs after clearing them, stopping nodebb, rebuilding and restarting.

    If I try to build while nodebb it's running, nodebb build hangs after completing 8/9 of the tasks and I have to CTRL+C out. Nothing is added to the log , if it's supposed to.

  • Also no errors thrown trying to visit the Import page except for the 404 returned by the server.

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    Can you post the output of ./nodebb build?

  • root@community:/var/nodebb# systemctl stop nodebb
    root@community:/var/nodebb# ./nodebb build
    2018-06-07T16:34:56.255Z [7073] - warn: You have no mongo username/password setup!
    2018-06-07T16:34:56.747Z [7073] - info: [build] Building in parallel mode
    2018-06-07T16:34:56.748Z [7073] - info: [build]         plugin static dirs  build started
    2018-06-07T16:34:56.751Z [7073] - info: [build]          requirejs modules  build started
    2018-06-07T16:34:56.752Z [7073] - info: [build]           client js bundle  build started
    2018-06-07T16:34:56.754Z [7073] - info: [build]            admin js bundle  build started
    2018-06-07T16:34:56.754Z [7073] - info: [build]         client side styles  build started
    2018-06-07T16:34:56.755Z [7073] - info: [build] admin control panel styles  build started
    2018-06-07T16:34:56.756Z [7073] - info: [build]                  templates  build started
    2018-06-07T16:34:56.757Z [7073] - info: [build]                  languages  build started
    2018-06-07T16:34:56.757Z [7073] - info: [build]                     sounds  build started
    2018-06-07T16:34:57.113Z [7073] - info: [build]                     sounds  build completed in 0.356sec
    2018-06-07T16:34:57.268Z [7073] - info: [build]         plugin static dirs  build completed in 0.52sec
    2018-06-07T16:35:00.633Z [7073] - info: [build]           client js bundle  build completed in 3.881sec
    2018-06-07T16:35:00.634Z [7073] - info: [build]            admin js bundle  build completed in 3.88sec
    2018-06-07T16:35:00.758Z [7073] - info: [build]                  languages  build completed in 4.001sec
    2018-06-07T16:35:00.761Z [7073] - info: [build]                  templates  build completed in 4.005sec
    2018-06-07T16:35:00.930Z [7073] - info: [build]         client side styles  build completed in 4.176sec
    2018-06-07T16:35:01.997Z [7073] - info: [build]          requirejs modules  build completed in 5.246sec
    2018-06-07T16:35:02.096Z [7073] - info: [build] admin control panel styles  build completed in 5.341sec
    2018-06-07T16:35:02.097Z [7073] - info: [build] Asset compilation successful. Completed in 5.35sec.
    root@community:/var/nodebb# systemctl start nodebb

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