Creating multiple Node BB Admins but with limited access to ACP

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  • So is there any way in node bb, so that i can make multiple admins?

    Such that, since i am the owner of the forum so my account should have FULL access to ACP as it is now. so i am the SUPER ADMIN.

    But user A is our team admin, and he needs to have more privileges then the global mods, perhaps we can also give him so access to some of the ACP menus, (we can decide this ourselves and change this setting or permissions from the ACP panel as i am the SUPER ADMIN)

    so for e.g we want user A to be able to use and configure some plugins settings and access them for e.g he should be able to give awards using the ns-awards plugin etc etc.

    How does the current node bb system works? if i make this user A as admin in node bb system administrator group, what woul dhappen? will he automatically be able to access the FULL dashboard ACP ?

    Any way to restrict access to only some menus of ACP? coz we dont want the user A to mess up the imp settings. @baris

  • There's no baked in way to get that kind of permissions control. It's either all-or-nothing when it comes to the ACP.

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    @julian said in What hook can I use to filter the topics that appear when accessing /groups/mygroupname ?:


    Hi Julian,

    Thank you for this info. My issue is now solved. I was able to perform my serverside filter logic and now everything is great.

    FYI - I'm the same guy (username: jremi) that you helped related to the sharing sessions plugin. I was asking you about if using the cross storage solution would work for cross domain cookies.

    Thanks again for your help. I really appreciate your assistance.

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