"Upload Image" button shows even after disabling upload and all privileges

  • I'm on NodeBB 1.9.1. This is my ACP:
    alt text
    alt text

    And this is how a reply looks:
    alt text

    Despite disabling uploads everywhere, I can still CTRL+V a picture saved in the clipboard or manually click the "Upload Image" button.

    Is there another setting that I'm missing that disables completely all uploads?

  • Admin Staff

    @rdomzim Is the user you are testing an administrator by any chance? I tried to remove all those privileges and tested on a regular user and I don't see the upload button, and trying to paste an image results in a privilege error as it should be.

  • @baris Indeed, I was logged with admin account. I tried with a regular user and it works correctly. The "Upload Image" button does not show and uploading with CTRL+V gives me the following error:
    alt text

    Thanks for clarifying and sorry for the misunderstanding.

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