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    Use sudo

    sudo nano /etc/nginx/xxxxxx
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    So after doing a lot of digging, I found out that the error was that NGINX needs to be configured for the SSL. This isn't really mentioned in the Ubuntu nodeBB guide, and the NGINX configuration guide linked on it is a dead link.

    First, I needed to combine my certificate and intermediate certificate (If you have a root certificate, you combine it as well) into one .cert file. This amounted to just copying the intermediate certificate and pasting it after the regular certificate (keeping the "BEGIN" and "END" lines).

    Then, I inserted the combined key into /etc/ssl/ directly. After doing this, I added my private key to a new folder I created in etc named "keys" (/etc/keys/).

    Lastly, I referenced my SSL in the "default" file in /etc/nginx/sites-available/default

    listen 443 ssl default_server; ssl on; ssl_certificate /etc/ssl/zbgamewiki.com_ssl_bundle.cer; ssl_certificate_key /etc/keys/_.zbgamewiki.com_private_key.key;

    And restarted nginx via sudo systemctl reload nginx

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    This might be just me, but I wouldn't be loading that under root directory. Create a new user and use that for nodebb location under home location. As to nodebb not showing up. What does your nodebb config, and nginx config look like? I don't know what you mean by debian comes with nginx already. Sure might be in the repo but shouldn't come installed, Unless a script you ran installed it for you.

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    @julian , systematically or if redis is chosen in the web form only?

    Is it also installing the redis node module when using the the web form or only through the command line input?

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    Ah, fantastic, thanks