nodebb-plugin-sso-github or nodebb-plugin-sso-github2 ?

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  • Both of these are available in the plugin list. Looking at the github commits it is not immediately obvious which one should be used as neither is strictly "ahead" per se, but looking at the actual commits I think nodebb-plugin-sso-github would be the one to use. I'm not 100% on that though. Should they both still be in the npm repo/install list shown in the nodeBB admin interface?

  • Hi there -- we don't directly maintain the list of plugins, so anyone can publish a new one.

    That said, sso-github is mine, so of course I will recommend you use that one 🙂

  • How is it maintained? I've seen very strict package systems (e.g. Debian package maintainer that I don't think I'm ready for, building the package is fine, but to actually maintain it in the Debian repo is a fairly large responsibility), very loose ones (e.g. snapd and docker's main repo), and somewhat strict ones (I maintain several R packages on CRAN and if they aren't updated to continue to meet CRAN standards they risk getting archived). I'm not very familiar with npm, and how the list in nodeBB is put together, is it pulled direct from npm and tag filtered or something?

  • Essentially, yes. We do not review the packages, and do a simple search for /^nodebb-(plugin|theme|widget).+ (though the exact regex is likely different).

    We rely on plugin maintainers themselves to report plugin compatibility via the nbbpm.compatibility flag in package.json. A better system is planned, but not in development at the moment.

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