how upload pictures use write api ?

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    I found a lot of Ali OSS plugins that are not available, so I can only change it for compatibility. Supports the upload of the latest version of nodebb. A variety of settings, let you lower the barrier to use, convenient and quick to use.

    找了很多阿里OSS插件都不可用, 只能自己兼容改了一下。 支持了nodebb最新版本上传。 多种设置方式, 让你使用的门槛降低,方便快速的使用。

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    I found it but the upload file dialogue box is confusing. It says the file name is optional, but if I don't enter a name then it appears in the post as blank.

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    @Kolluri-Suneel Glad to hear. I'll gladly help out if you have any other issues.

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    Usually PHPStorm, but I wiped my HDD when I went over to Windows 10. So at the minute, I'm without one. May try an up to date version of phpstorm, see how it's improved.

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    I am wanting to add some fields to the registration page, so I thought I'd write a plugin for it.

    It looks like the process would be:

    Add a '' hook function to insert the html for the extra form inputs. Add a 'filter:user.custom_fields' function to insert the key/value to the userData object.

    I looked at the spam-be-gone plugin to get an understanding of how to go about it, but my question is: Is it possible to place my added field(s) at the top of the form -- or anywhere else -- rather than the bottom?

    I can also do this by adding my additional html into the register.tpl file and then adding the key/value to the userData object in /src/user/create.js, but I'd rather do it via a plugin as it seems cleaner. I don't need the data to appear on the site (i.e. the user's profile) so just these two things work fine.

    The problem is I believe I'd have to do a 'git pull --rebase' each time I wanted to get updates for nodebb which could break things over time. Seems hacky. Plus, it is more maintainable to keep my modifications modular.

    So, is there a better way? What's the best way to go about doing something like this? I'm just assuming that doing it via a plugin would be ideal, but if there are better options that are clean, then please let me know.

    Lastly, if I wanted to have a function run a check on this info for duplicates during the registration (exactly like the one for username) can you steer me in the right direction on how I'd go about it?