Recent Posts still shows deleted posts.

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    I confirm that I am not able to reproduce the issue anymore, thanks.

  • Double date on recent page

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    @pitaj newest version (1.8.2) however I solved the problem, but now the text area is shorter than the upper part.

    See image


    How can I change this with CSS?

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    Yes, @teh_g is correct, global moderators are special in that they will always have moderate privilege outside of the privileges page. Unfortunately it doesn't look as though you will be able to restrict gmods from their moderation privileges for this forum -- it's quite an odd use case!

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    @Aziroshin said:

    NodeBB Category Info (disabled)

    I would uninstall this completely to make sure, restart clear cache and try again. That plugin is deprecated I think since post previews can be set from core now.

    Is the forum public can we take a look?

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    Hi everybody,
    I have been running a successful forum for a group of students for a few days now, without a single difficulty
    But i wanted to install plugins (Google analytics / Shoutbox), and after installing them using npm, i am unable to see anything on the "plugins" page in the ACP
    Screen capture

    Actually it looks like the request to get the content of the plugins page is timing out

    I've tried to reinstall the bb, but the same problem keeps appearing.

    My config is :

    Latest NodeBB (0.4.3) Nginx Debian 7.0 Redis Acess from the server to internet must use a proxy

    I hope you'll find something to help me (And sorry for the bad english) !