NodeBB Configurations Migration

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  • Hi,

    I'm seeking advise on the most reliant and efficient way to migrate a NodeBB instance's settings/configurations to another NodeBB instance. I have tried to look into the mongodb "Config" document but it doesn't contain all the configurations that have been set. For example, the Navigation settings are stored separately in its own documents.

    Also need to migrate the plugins settings too but i can't seem to find them on mongodb documents. If anybody has done something similar kindly please share your knowledge.

    The purpose of this task is to allow replication of an exact setup of NodeBB to another new instance for testing.

    Many thanks


  • @yapne In order to do testing, what I would do is to clone mongodb, then configure nodebb-test to connect to the cloned one and work on that šŸ™‚

  • @giggiux I want to store the configuration/settings into SCM so that in the worst case scenario we can rebuild the instance. And i don't want to clone the datasets either

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