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    @julian I'm still getting the same error. Do I have to uninstall the custom theme first (It's currently active as the main theme).

    I probably did it the wrong way. I basically copied harmony in node_modules and rename it and did my edits from there.

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    Thank you everybody for helping me with forum troubleshooting. The problem has been found. It's memory limit. After a few years of use, 512MB RAM + 256MB swap is not enough anymore (I have some suspicions that swap does not kick in, but it's a topic for a different story).

    If somebody searches, and no changes plugins, core, or hardware, and you do not have plugins that depend on external services - check if it's a memory issue.

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    @Dravere thx for the reply. Sadly it couldn't be more true.

    The reason why I chose this setup (for now, certainly won't stick around as I hate it) is because I have a Plesk installed to manage the standard websites on the server. Plesk comes with Apache and (at least in my plesk version) can put an nginx in front as a reverse proxy to all its features. Sadly the version that it brings with itself is an nginx < 1.3.13 as would be required for nodebb to be usable as a reverse proxy.

    I have tried manually updating nginx but, as Plesk brings its own custom repo to pull its own images from, this is non-trivial and has rendered my setup unusable until it was reset. So currently I am stuck with Apache until I can get that figured out 😕

    The only solution I could think of right now is to put a small machine in place that works as a sole loadbalancer and reverse proxy to which all domains point in the first place. That one can then distribute requests to the real server. That would enable me to run an additional nginx (not the plesk one) on a "non-80" port, allowing me to use any nginx. But as this is a sideproject that doesnt generate any income yet, putting a machine in front is not a viable option 😕

    The Server is running on full SSDs. I would need to ask them which ones specifically are being used if it's of relevance. I figured "as long as it's SSD, it should be fine" up until now. Let me know if I should inquire and I will.

    Thanks again for your time. Cheers!

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    @Maahi The error message tells you what you need to know. In this case, nginx cannot start because there is already something bound to port 80. Apache? NodeBB? You need to figure this out.

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    Opps I think I figure it out XD I just have to go to the widget section and select the custom page i created. 🙂