Marketplace Plugin Request, Willing to Pay

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  • Hello! I am looking to have a plugin developed to enable people on my forum to buy/sell things with an escrow system in place.

    The marketplace would all be through bitcoin, and the way I think it should work (I am open to suggestions though) is that the user would deposit bitcoin to the site which would then credit their account with the deposited amount (maybe building off @psychobunny's cash plugin and bitcoinjs-lib?).

    The users would then be able to send money to other users on the forum and credit their account in exchange for products, services, or just as a tip. I wouldn't want any bitcoin actually moving, it all stays in one wallet. It just credits the other users accounts. I would want the ability to see a log of each transaction and be able to manually move funds/reverse transactions from other people's accounts as an admin in case someone got scammed so they could get their money back. If someone wanted to withdraw their money from their account they would be able to send me a PM and I would manually send the bitcoin to them, so withdrawls wouldn't need to be implemented into the plugin. I would like the deposits to be automatic though.

    I would be willing to pay for this as it is a somewhat large plugin / request, so send me a PM or comment if you think you'd be able to develop something like this!

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