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    This forum support infinite scroll, it wonderful, but sometimes it's annoying. Open long duscussion (with 300-400 answers) is painful, I open read only last few answers and if scroll to top (look at topic theme or breadcrumbs) , I cant do it, because forum load previous pages. It's very annoying for me.

    It's possible add button "load more"? I see it this way: when user open topic first time, he see only one page (20 posts for example) and if topic has more posts, buttons "load more" (at top if exist earlier posts and bottom if exists later posts). If user press once "load more" - means we activate infinite scroll as it works now.

    Pagination with infinite scroll (better solution than "load more")

    Best infinite scroll i meet: https://vk.com/topic-200_2806586

    Above discussion placed pagination and when you scroll, work infinite scroll. But scroll work only in direct side, not when you scroll back. For example if user open first page he can read whole discussion with infinite scroll. If he scroll back, its return to first page (where he start reading)

    If he open 5th page he can also read to the end. But if he scroll back, in this case he return to 5th page (where he start reading).

    So if user open last page (most common case for forum, read last unread post), infinite scroll doesn't work at all. If unread posts several(2 pages, for example), user open last but one page and infinite scroll works only work with 2 last pages.

    Hope you understand idea. You can play with VK demo:
    Topic from first page
    last but one page
    latest page

    My js skill not enough to implement this, so I can only offer idea.

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    The author also could create a new post stating that some changes have been made if it's worth an update in his opinion. I don't think any other concept is needed since editing posts is more wiki-like than forum-like. If your forum relies on something like this you might consider using a wiki platform instead or additionally.

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    @baris @bentael helped me out last night. Amongst other things he confirmed that too, that being on the index page results in an empty data.url. He did get me going using the location.href.

    I have to say every one on this forum has been super helpful. I intend to make a donation to Nodebb in the near future.

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    It looks like we can use either jQuery get/post or socket.emit when we try to get json data from or send it to a custom plugin in server.

    Can experts share your experience as to when to use one and when not to use the other?
    Any situation on choosing one over the other?

    Thanks in advance

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    @a_5mith tnx for replay smith. What we need is to have option for users to upload big images like 5mb, but we wanna display it in category listing as a smaller image, not whole 3000px image. So is there anyway we can get two images when users uploading it ? One with original size, and another which will be resized and showed under listing as many posts on same page.

    And yes, it's being uploaded and hosted on our server.