Mobile Chat Cursor

General Discussion
  • Seems like the mobile chat cursor doesn’t show up in the text box on mobile. I’m on iOS 11.2.6.

    This occurs both on my forum v1.8.1 and the NodeBB forum. Contrast with Google Hangouts mobile app.

    I know chat isn’t the priority, especially on mobile but it’s a great feature to have. Especially since the latest refinements have been so nice. Also, adding in a few extra features for chat (drop a photo in there, etc) with buttons would be nice.

    1_1521737570954_9F908A24-4199-4DC7-94A9-196A6E4AF3C0.jpeg 0_1521737570953_7034A422-159A-4DB9-BEAC-5354EE6A9646.jpeg

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