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  • Hi!

    I'm planing migrate my Nodebb Forum to VPS. Now im using shared hosting with mongoDB database. Shall i copy all files and database to VPS or reinstall my nodebb and after that upload database dump. What i need to remember before i will do it?

    NodeBB version: 1.4.6

  • It’d probably be easier just to copy the whole nodebb folder and database files, because the node_modules folder will contain all of the plugins you’ve installed. If you go with the reinstallation route, you have to:

    • note which plugins you had, and make sure they’re installed on the new server.
    • copy the configuration file (and make any adjustments if needed)

    You should be able to just copy the database files and drop them in the right place, but you also have to make sure that no writes are being made while you’re copying it, and make sure that the new dB is configured the same way. A safer option might be to do a mongodump / restore

  • @bri Thanks i have already moved my nodebb 🙂

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