slate skin invalid background colors

  • I use slate as default skin. It has 2 background color bugs (I assume).

    One is that if you open up the smilie list in composer, only the first item is readable. Other items are only readable if the mouse hovers over it:

    The other problem appears if you click on notifications icon on the top right. Unread postings have a light text color on light background which is barely readable:


    And a possibly related question: is it possible to modify the CSS of the slate skin without actually tampering with it?


    PS: nodebb 1.7.5

  • NodeBB

    You can fix those issues with CSS, you can place your css at /admin/appearance/customise

  • Ok, I'll do that. However, me still thinks this is a bug which should be fixed with nodebb.

  • This CSS has fixed it:

#menu .notification-list li.unread, .header .notification-list li.unread { background: #696969; }
     .emoji-tabs .nav-tabs { background: #696969; }

  • Yet another problem: whatever I put in here is global. If a user uses another skin, the colors are a mess. So, what I need is a way to modify the CSS for slate only.

    Is that possible?


  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    @tlinden a class is added to the body element for every skin, so you can do \

    .skin-slate {
      #menu .notification-list li.unread, .header .notification-list li.unread {
        background: #696969;
      .emoji-tabs .nav-tabs {
        background: #696969;

  • @PitaJ Thansk a lot, you saved my day!


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