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    contabo.com is the best and high performance for Nodejs

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    What I tried in the mean time:

    did a fresh install of nodebb on my test system with

    git clone [email protected]:NodeBB/NodeBB.git -b v1.6.x

    run through the setup procedure , but kept the redis database.

    The problem remained.

    Then I

    stopped nodebb stopped redis deleted the redis database files started redis run nodebb setup

    That way I got a clean install without data and with default settings.

    The problem still exists:

    When you define a new reward the forms and pull downs are populated.
    After saving the rewards, leaving the page and coming back, the pull down menus for existing rewards are not populated and empty, while creating a new reward works well.
    After saving and reloading the rewards page, the error 'illegal reward. no inuts found' is displayed.

    Last but not least, no rewards are awarded to users.

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    Hi guys , I was updating my nodebb version and I update it to dev version v0.7.1

    Now some things are not working ... unstable... how can i make to the 0.7.0 version ?

    download files files from git (v0.7.0) and then make the normal upgrade ?

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    @julian Not a problem. It's back. Hope to find gold!

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    Hmm... there's always /nickserv identify, but I have absolutely zero idea how that even works.

    What if you made your own bot that listened for private messages from users, and verified them? So all I had to do was /yourbot julian hunter2?

    Then your bot would probably communicate with a companion plugin on our end to verify users by username/password... There's a possibly MITM issue present if you don't use HTTPS though... less so if everything is on one machine and you're communicating via localhost connections...