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  • Inspired by this plugin:

    I may be looking into making this myself at some point down the road but I have a lot of things going on that will slow me down. In case someone here can get to this (and probably have an easier time than I) faster than me, I wanted to share the idea. The most difficult aspect of this idea is I believe it will likely result in needing a plugin for both NodeBB and the blog engine.

    I plan to host a Ghost CMS blog and use the NodeBB commenting engine plugin. What I want is the ability to post new blog post to Ghost CMS and have a NodeBB forum thread created. Ideally, this thread in NodeBB would be indicated with some kind of special badge showing that this post is really a link to the blog.

    I think what I would probably like to do is also integrate the comment engine functionality into this plugin as the aim of this plugin is to try to unify these systems a little bit. My main goal is to give the blog the same interactivity a forum sees. The blog will act similar to a high-quality forum thread so I'd like the users to be able to interact the same way.

    If no one here wants to tackle this, it will at least serve as a discussion to help guide me when I give it a shot.

    Core features:

    • From Ghost CMS select that post will also create a NodeBB thread (select category)
    • NodeBB will create a "symbolic" link to the blog post. A fake listing that links to the blog
    • Enable voting on article (tied to the nodeBB votes system)

    Will update

  • Any reason the plugin itself doesn't work for you? It does require you to actually click the button to create the post, although I assume it can be automated for Ghost (we just tended to make it a little more generic so it works with WordPress, etc.)

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