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  • So, I've been playing through the pirate language and spotted a few little things.

    Admin button says Captians Only - Should be Captains (You don't spell that differently in Canada do you? 😆)
    Magic usin' for Offline in Chat doesn't make a lot of sense (to me), so would something like "Flying Dutchman" be better here (a notorious ghost ship, so would go with the whole appear offline)
    Recent shows Home Port in the Breadcrumbs, Famous(popular) doesn't.

    Love it though. May extend this and add my own at some point for themed occasions. 👍

  • You're totally welcome to join our translation team and go nuts 😛

    I don't be to bothered with speaking Pirate meself, I just be swashbuckling some plugins matey

  • Forgot that existed. I only speak British English. But I'll see what use I can be.

    I be looking forward to uncovering your plugins from the deep. Yarrr. Buried Treasure they are.

  • The Captians be too much in the rum'..

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