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    Hi All,
    I'm a newbie in nodebb. I'm not understand the layout logic nodebb in nodebb.
    Actually I have a two feature need to change the template.

    I would like to update active user widget: I need to add username under the avator box. I would like to update the perrmission from nodebb-plugin-calendar: only admin can see the event response.

    I found the template in the plugins folder and change the template tpl code. And also re-build the nodebb. However the layout a still not updated. May I know what is the correct method to make a small changes in nodebb and how to update the template layout ?

    Thanks so much.

    Nodebb version : 1.17.0

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    I installed and activated the plugin-sanitizehtml , restarted NodeBB as instructed, saved the default plug-in settings from ACP.
    But, now all my HTML tags have been stripped off (I can tell by looking at the source)
    What am I missing ?
    BTW, I uninstalled the Markdown-plugIn before installing the sanitizehtml plugIn.

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    Feedback : I install it and its work.

    Another question : it doesn't seem to be possible to activate subscription and notification by mail for all category (like for post) to all user. Is it possible and how ?

    Thanks in advance

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    Look through open issues, it looks like I'm asking for this:

    Subcategories could be great · Issue #1299 · NodeBB/NodeBB

    Hi, As some categories need to be organized, it could be great if you add subcategories in NodeBB. MORE : Subcategories in subcategories too.


    GitHub (github.com)

    😄 If people have any pointers on where to begin, I'm happy to start implementing.

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    @atrius Works like a charm.

    Edit: not sure if this plugin has something to do with it. But it expirienced some slight hanging while posting reply's to a topic.