Error: Browser's Cache not cleared

NodeBB Development
  • map.tpl

    <button type="button" id="btnSet">Settings</button>

    Client-side map.js

    $("#btnSet").click(function() {
        console.log("Settings clicked");

    Chrome browser
    console.log("Settings clicked"); not executed

    Firefox browser
    console.log("Settings clicked"); executed

    Back to Chrome browser
    Cleared the Browser Cache
    Ran the program and console.log executed this time

    Where does the problem lie? Is this a browser-specific problem or NodeBB error?

    Can we clear the cache from the ACP? Even if this setting is there, this problem should probably not be there.

  • The modified map.js is not reloaded in the browser's memory. Probably, this is the source of error.

  • Browsers control the cache. If you want to develop without worrying about it, there is a toggle in the developer tools settings for both browsers to disable the cache whole the dev tools are open.

  • Thanks Pita

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