[nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage] Basic CMS plugin - custom homepage

  • @psychobunny thanks!

  • How can I show the categories if active this plugin?

  • @lin It took me a while to figure out this plugin too...

    So go to Themes -> Widgets in your admin panel. You will see new template areas starting with the name "Custom HP". Drag and drop your widget elements in there to get started.

    Also, this plugin creates a navigation link at the top. "Chat Bubble" icon... click that and it will bring you to your regular nodebb category listing.

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    As @nexed says, this plugin overrides your existing homepage and introduces new widget areas which you can use to populate with... you guess it, widgets!

    You can combine this with the -featured-threads plugin, to show a specific set of topics on the home page.

  • @nexed @julian
    That's great! Thank you so much.

  • GNU/Linux

    I gonna give it a try. Hope I can deactivate it at any time and come back to normal home page.

  • @meetdilip All plugins can be deactivated. 👍

  • This post is deleted!

  • Question @psychobunny : The custom sidebar widgets only show up to logged-in users. Is there a way to make them show up to everyone? I left "hide from anonymous users" unchecked in the widgets.

  • @zenkamal said:

    1. None of the topic lists have a "New Topic" button (hence the widgetized homepage also doesn't have one with the recent view list). Is it possible to add the "New Topic" button to each page (recent posts and popular posts), or manually add it to the custom home page?

    Great plugin, very useful, however I get the same issue above. Is there a work around/fix for this? How to get the New Topic button's back?
    To be clear, there are no New Topic buttons on any category pages. Tried playing with the AccessControl, and that did not change anything...

    Did a fresh install with 0.4.x and seems to be working ok.

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    This post is deleted!
  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @Tanner said:

    I installed this plugin and put the widgets in their respective places, however none of them show up. Am I missing something after installing, activating, and moving in the widgets?

    I removed the class="hidden" variable and it now shows up. What are they there for??

    Also, there's a bug when you load the homepage by clicking on the home link, the widgets will not show up, but will only show up when you refresh.

    Edit: this bug was solved by updating to the latest version of NodeBB

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Also was curious if a forum.tpl section could be added to display sidebars just on the forums and not anywhere else. The category nor the homepage .tpl's or widget sections do not show up on the forums page - only global widgets, which is not what I'm after.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    I'm getting this same error again with the latest install of NodeBB that I have with this plugin. When clicking the home button the content widgets do not show up, only the sidebar widgets.

    Edit: Moved everything to the custom widget areas and now none of them show up when clicking the home page button. What do?

    Edit2: Fixed by uninstalling the plugin and installing from npm. The one listed in the plugins page seems to be buggy or outdated somehow.

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    Sorry for all the multiposts...

    @psychobunny is there a way to set a custom sidebar on the forums page separate from the homepage?

  • Admin

    Hey clearly I've missed all your previous posts (although a few of the issues were pointed out to me by others and I've fixed some of them) - let me know if anything from your past posts are still an issue.

    is there a way to set a custom sidebar on the forums page separate from the homepage

    It depends on the theme, this is specifically for the homepage. Lavender has sidebar widget areas for the home and category pages for example. If you're looking for a widget area on a specific page, let me know, I might be able to incorporate it into the theme.

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    It's on Lavender, would just like to have the ability to put a sidebar on the forums page separate from the home or category pages 🙂

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    Once this plugin is installed it appears to load the forum page as a hard link rather than a smooth one like the rest, i.e. there is no loading bar when navigating into the forums area as compared to the rest of the pages. Makes for a bit of a jolt in the flow in the forums, is this a possible fix?

  • Dear master

    I follow the idea of the plugin's route:

        app.get('/', middleware.buildHeader, renderHomepage);
        app.get('/api/home', renderHomepage);
        app.get('/templates/home.tpl', renderHomepage);
        app.get('/forum', middleware.buildHeader, controllers.home);
        app.get('/api/forum', controllers.home);

    When I enter "/", custom homepage appeared , then "/forum/, it work ok, then to topics list page, then click browser's "back" button , it can't back to "/forum".

    I don't know how to make it ok, need help

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