• merry xmas to nodebb!

    async / await is the best syntax in ES6 to replace promise and async.waterfall. So I've searched the forum on whether nodebb development / plugin support ES6 but I can't seem to find the definite answer.

    so just to confirm if Nodebb (server-side) support ES6 natively? or do i need to transpile with babel?

    Thanks and wishes everyone a happy and peaceful new year in 2018.

  • @7kbot first of all, async and await are not part of ES6 (ES2015). They are part of ES2016.

    Second of all, NodeBB only supports Node versions 6, 7, and 8. Node v6 supports all of ES6, but does not support async/await. Node 8 does support all of those things natively, so you can develop your plugin to use these things and tell people to use Node 8 if they want to use your plugin.

  • @pitaj Thanks for the correction!

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