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    I have solved it. use "static:app.load" hook , and use the method's first arguments ,we can setting routes to do what we want to do

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    You can't call them directly from the client. I usually use socket.io, you define an event in your library file where you get the data, and then call it in the acp script.


    var socketAdmin = module.parent.require('./socket.io/admin'); var Groups = module.parent.require('./groups'); var User = module.parent.require('./user'); socketAdmin.yourplugin = { // This function is now exposed as the event 'admin.yourplugin.someevent' someevent: function (socket, data, callback) { // Use the data from the client to grab member objects. Groups.getMembers(data.groupName, data.start, data.stop, function (err, uids) { if (err) return console.log(err); User.getUsersData(uids, function (err, members){ callback(null, {members: members}); }); }); } };


    // Send the group name with the amount of members we want to the server. socket.emit('admin.yourplugin.someevent', {groupName: "GroupName", start: 0, stop: 200}, function (err, data) { // Log the response, should be an array of user objects. console.log(data.members); });
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    Like discourse where all the posts can be displayed in one page and also can be filtered by their category? I feel that model makes category more like a tag and allows people to see everything at once.

    Is there technical issue why this cannot be achieved? Maybe it can be a theme idea?

    I really like nodebb as a fast and modern forum technical wise, but also enjoy the UI philosophy behind discourse..

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    @a_5mith @psychobunny Thank you both. 🙂 So the error is removed and cache is cleared, so now it works like it should. ^^

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    @psychobunny Yeah I did remember this but I forgot when it was removed or whether it was removed completely or not. Any how, thanks for creating an issue for it. 🙂