• Hi,

    i want to modify category list that have parent / child structure to include the description for subcategory
    For example:

    • Category 1
      • Subcategory 1
        description (non included in the current persona theme)
      • Subcategory 2
    • Category 2
      • Subcategory 1
      • Subcategory 2

    Is it possible in clean a way without redefine and create a new theme ?

  • Plugin & Theme Dev

    @carosphere If you want to stick with persona then no. You will have to create a child theme and only need to supply the template for categories page.

    nodebb-theme-material already does this if you want to try a different theme. By default material theme displays categories as cards but you can change it to list format by turning on the setting in the theme's admin settings page.

    Theme has both dark and light skins.



  • than you @pichalite, i think i will use material theme

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