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  • Just completed the very first nodeBB installation and there is some confusion:

    • accessing Administrator Control Panel isn't obvious but can be found under the default, welcome post, it's /admin
    • the username = admin could be obvious but the password isn't, and could't figure it out password = ?
    • tried to add a new user and make it admin via redis-cli but registering a new user doesn't seem to work, no error message but also no action. What I noticed is "Connection to NodeBB has been lost, attempting to reconnect..."

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  • When you run ./nodebb setup, it will either ask for the username and password for the admin account, or (in the case where config.json exists) it will generate some and print them out.

  • @pitaj thank you! I don't recall anything except the NodeBB secret and password for redis. Is there a quick way to add an admin user via terminal, trough redis?

  • When re-run ./nodebb setup, it did ask for the admin user/password (before it was an existing db present) so it's working now, thank you! In case someone would miss that or forget the admin pwd, what's the solution (via redis)? I saw a post somewhere but can't find it any more.

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