nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage does not work with nodebb v1.6.0

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  • I am using nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage on my board, which currently runs nodebb v1.5.2. I tried to update to v1.6.0 but the homepage is empty. Only the global footer is shown.

    In the nodebb log I can see, that the widgets on the homepage are rendered. But neither in the nodebb log nor in the browser I see an error message.

    Is this a known issue?

  • I believe that plugin has been superceded by nodebb-plugin-custom-pages, can you try that one?

  • Ah! Thank you for this hint. I am already using nodebb-plugin-custom-pages for other static pages on my board. I did not realize that it can be used for homepage as well 🤔 .

    Sure, I will gives this a try. But I am confident that it will solve it.

    Many thanks for this excellent board SW you have created, it is really awesome! And the same holds for your support! 👍

  • Thanks for the kind words 😃

    Yes -- with the custom pages plugin, you can create your home page... and then under "General -> Home Page" you can set your home page to that page (or a custom route, probably)

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