Using NodeBB authentication for another app

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  • Authentication question. Here's the backstory: I have a working NodeBB forum and I'm looking to add some ticketing application to the mix. What I'm aiming for is that users logged in to NodeBB would be recognized by the other system automatically (i.e. SSO from NodeBB or redirect to NodeBB login page if not logged on).

    I'm a little new to the Node.js world, so apologies in advance if this is something that's painfully obvious.

    I haven't settled on a ticketing system yet, but I'm leaning towards some open source options that are also Node.js based.

    Feel free to move this post if there's a better location for it, but it didn't seem like "Development" or "Plugin Development".

  • Unfortunately we don't really have a plugin that does what you want... from what I understand.

    We can use NodeBB as an OAuth client, and connect to a custom OAuth/OAuth2 provider and use their user db to validate logins, but we don't have a plugin to act as an OAuth provider.


  • @julian - this looks abandoned, but something like this?

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