• I've been looking for a way to get streamable.com vids embedded into nodebb posts, but have been unsuccessful. I downloaded nodebb-plugin-ns-embed, but as soon as I add $1 to the replacement field where the filename would go... the video's get displayed in a tiny little box in the posts rather than displayed in the appropriate size.

    Can anyone provide some help on how I might be able to have streamable.com vids embed when the streamable.com/videoid link is put into the composer?

    Much thanks in advance.

  • I think I figured it out well enough for basic functionality. Not optimal, but it seems to work.

    If anyone else is using nodebb-plugin-ns-embed, you can possibly use the following rule to get streamable vid embedding to work.

    \ watch
    \ https://streamable.com/(.*)

    \ replace
    \ <a href style=""><iframe width="1024" height="520" src="https://streamable.com/s/$1" frameborder="0" \ allowfullscreen></iframe></a>

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