parsing the topic with Google Structured Data Testing tool

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  • I am trying to verify the indexing of a forum using tools provided by Google. At first I've checked my local installation, but you can see the same result for any nodebb instance.

    If I run the test for a forum topic with any topic link from this forum, there are two issues:

    1. there is a breadcrumb parsing error:
      When parsing

      <li component="breadcrumb/current" itemscope="itemscope" itemtype="../Breadcrumb" class="active">

      It says A value for the url field is required. But this breadcrumb points to the current page so there is no url.
      Maybe if this item points to the current page it shouldn't be marked as breadcrumb?

    2. Google doesn't recognize the page as an Article. The only metadata objects it shows are comments and breadcrumbs.

    I am very new to the topic of how crawling and indexing works, but I would expect that every topic is parsed as an article (top post) with comments (everything else). Do I need to configure something specifically for that?

  • And akismet doesn't allow me to post actual link to the test run.

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