Using NodeBB for Project Management

  • Stewart Butterfield used workflowy to create slack. Just one example of the power of project management software.

    I'm starting not to trust your judgement pitch. Your head has been inflated because you can make simple themes. Your creations aren't that impressive so let some air out of that huge balloon dome, with your peanut brain. lol just trying to be funny so you don't piss me off! The truth is, I respect your opinion. The differences in our prioritization processes are what makes a market. I wish you luck, you need it more than me. ⚡

    Back to the basics. I'm thinking maybe a plugin that allows you to embed a outline in the original post of a topic and it becomes a work in progress, with a discussion below. Ideally the participants would be able to navigate the outline but only the OP can modify. I truly believe this would enhance the creative process. Theres something about these recursive lists that allows for optimization of idea structures. They help me to document ideas as I receive them and then turn them into processes aka solutions. Step by step processes are at the core of all projects, universally. All are welcome to challenge my perspectives with alternatives.

    I'm trying to convince Grant and Jay over at to invest time into the integration. Worst case scenario I'll create my own outline app and build the plugin myself.

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    @tradingdojo said in Using NodeBB for Project Management:

    just trying to be funny

    keep trying... you will get there someday

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    @tradingdojo said in Using NodeBB for Project Management:

    I respect your opinion.

    you sure do act like you respect other people’s opinion.

    Don’t ask for others opinions if you can’t handle what they have to say.

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    @tradingdojo Do let us know how you get on with Grant & Jay down at If there's potential integration work down the line, we could be interested.

    I'm going to respectfully sidestep this thing you have going on with @pichalite, however 😆

  • The thing I retain most about middle school shop class was "Sure. you can stir paint with a screwdriver, but there's a better tool for the job."

  • @pichalite said in Using NodeBB for Project Management:

    keep trying... you will get there someday

    I like that. Is that it though, you done already? Let me know when you're ready to throw actual ideas around.

  • @julian Thanks to you and your team, including pitch, for making such an inspirational software package.

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    Let me know when you're ready to throw actual ideas around.

    Like the one you have in this topic? No thanks.

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    Hey, cut it out guys - let's leave this conversation to the actual topic pls 😄

    And we're back to your regular scheduled program

  • Interesting... @pichalite to me it seems like you would like to discourage the OP from continuing with this project. Tell me, if it was such a waste of time and you fire off your one-liners (sometimes 2) like this is a bullshit project... why did you bother to reply?

    Surely if this project is a waste of time, then you just wasted your time in replying, which in turn makes you a hypocrite, right?

    @tradingdojo Please continue this project, I would like to see how the alpha version of this might look, then I will be able to help with ideas 🙂

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    @adam-poniatowski I only intended to reply once. I wouldn't have replied if the OP didn't provoke me.

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    This has probably been missed, but the next off topic commenter here will be handed our first ever temporary ban:

    Aaaaand we're back to your regular scheduled program

    (I almost feel like you should tempt me just so that I can test this feature out in production :trollface:)

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    @tradingdojo lots of people come in with ideas for what this platform could do; you're not the first, and certainly not the last.

    I think that @pichalite's (somewhat salty, imo) response is that a lot of requests come in like this, but are detrimental to the core project, either as a distraction from what the software is supposed to do, or a feature that only a few people will use.

    I've been at a company where feature bloat was a cancer in the product, and was a major factor in why it was hard to implement a lot of things easily. I really respect that this team judiciously chooses to leave things out of core and build everything as a plugin (which has its own problems) but it essentially avoids the scenario where person A has to deal with all the feature bloat that they won't use because person X really needed feature Y.

    However, the great thing about this business model is, it's open source and free for you to hack on, so no one will stop you from using it as a project management system. I do agree with pichalite that effort is probably better spent using something that's designed more for your purpose (trello, quip, confluence comes to mind), but it's up to you.

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    @psychobunny is all like


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    Damnit that's technically off topic so does this mean I have to ban you? 😆

    My two cents: am interested to know how this goes. If it ends up being something pretty legit you might just find backing from somewhere...

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    where is the option to ban @psychobunny :trollface:

  • @psychobunny said in Using NodeBB for Project Management:

    My two cents: am interested to know how this goes. If it ends up being something pretty legit you might just find backing from somewhere...

    Thanks for having an open mind. The initial idea to tailor the NodeBB interface towards project management and the follow up concept to embed an outline with collapsible bullets are technically competing tools to accomplish the same goal. The goal being flexible manipulation of written ideas for the development of efficient processes.

    The process of developing processes needs to be as smooth as possible. I can go into a state where ideas are flowing rapidly, the next one feeding off the last. If I were to stop and focus on just one of them, to gauge its ideal home in the core model, it would disrupt the flow. Walking away can help at times but I cannot deny the many times the best idea hit me at the very end of a 4hr session. Collapsible subtasks make it possible to go on these creative runs and then initiate the organization phase where we summarize through abstract thinking and put things in there proper places. Being able to do all of this in a transparent way, using forum software, kills two birds with one stone. Your team can challenge with alternative solutions, until we've exhausted optimization options.

    Attempting to best the current effectiveness of pm solutions may seem pointless. It may or may not be but we must not fear failure. Confirming something is not worth pursuing is typically the best bet. Assuming it, on the other hand, is a fear based approach. Ironically, being too conservative with time can be the riskier position

    The creative process is a mission oriented problem solving competition that scales all obstacles.

  • This is a great idea!

  • Place a link to a outline in the original post. Presto, integration without really integrating the code. Even this half baked setup is superior to all dedicated pm solutions that I have tried. For me, efficiency is the primary factor when evaluating software. How quickly we can download the data we need and upload our input. Number of clicks is a useful metric.

    Having every resource available on the home page is a highly efficient design for a workflow tool. I view nodebb as the best version of this concept.

    Its easy to recommend the popular product. Actually testing all of them to isolate value is challenging. Try not to anchor yourself until you've done the research.

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