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    Hi, is it possible to extend the user data model writing a new (custom) attribute by POST /api/v3/users/ and then retrive it by GET /api/users? Thanks in advance

  • Nodebb freezing on Android devices

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    Mayhaps the main issue is the Android platform itself? The security advisories coming down the pipe from US-CERT since escalation of Russian and Chinese sponsored cyber warfare/terrorism have numbered in the hundreds. The goog seems to be struggling on this front whilst Apple (not a fan) seems to have cleaned up most of theirs.

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    @pitaj Thanks for replying Pita.

    I did ask quite a while ago now, I will try and find my post later 🙂

    I am not moaning in anyway, this software is free and it's been great to be honest.

    I am not sure what's causing the issue exactly, when I download the o2Auth plugin and then also enable on my forum, both parts go offline.

    I then have to FTP into my site and remove from both ends.

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    @tedbaker said in How do I get rid of NodeBB?:

    @etakmit isn't this the 'Site Title' under Settings > General, you can either change the text or turn it off

    I was so worried about the icon section that I entirely missed that field. Thank you!

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    @chrismccoy said:

    lavender im pretty sure