NodeBB 1.4.6: Emojis not working

  • NodeBB v1.4.6

    The 2 plugins are installed and activated: nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended nodebb-plugin-emoji-one


    • there is no shortcut in the options bar in the message editor
    • if i type a ":)" into a message, nothing happens

    alt text

    So emojis does not work. There is no error message in the log.

    ./nodebb plugins
    13/5 16:12:37 [14377] - info: Active plugins:
    - nodebb-plugin-composer-default
    - nodebb-theme-persona
    - nodebb-plugin-markdown
    - nodebb-plugin-mentions
    - nodebb-widget-essentials
    - nodebb-rewards-essentials
    - nodebb-plugin-soundpack-default
    - nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended
    - nodebb-plugin-emoji-one
    - nodebb-plugin-session-sharing

    All buttons are disabled:
    alt text

    Is there an option to activate, another plugin to install for it to work? Thanks.

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