Unexpected behavior in "Recent Topics" header

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  • When I click on a topic in the "Recent Topics" header, I get sent to the first post of that topic, and get a toaster option to return to my last read position.

    I expected the behavior to match the topic list, where I get sent to my last read position directly.

    Browser: Chrome 58 latest on Windows 10

  • What you're describing is not "Recent Topics", but "Recent Posts". It works exactly as advertised.

  • @PitaJ

    Then can the copy be updated to reflect that it's recent posts? And I would expect that if it's recent posts, it should take me to the very last post in the thread, not the very first post in the thread.

  • @izzion sorry what I wrote was unclear. That widgets shows "Recent Topics", but you were describing a "Recent Posts" behavior, similar to the /recent page.

    It could be possible to create a similar plugin that displays recent posts in the same style.

  • Oh. Yeah, the current behavior is super unintuitive to me.

    It would make much more sense to me if it kept its current copy and how it builds the list -- "here are topics that have recent activity" -- but if, instead of always going to post #1 in the linked topic, it went to your last unread position automatically. It was very frustrating to keep coming back and trying to click into the Scrolling test thread while I was interacting with it, and keep getting shunted back to post #1.

    I guess that makes this more of a feature request than a bug report, if the "go to post 1 in the recent topics" behavior is intended.

  • Well yeah, the point of that widget is not to show recent activity in general, that's what the /recent page is for. This is just meant to show recent topics, which is why is goes to post 1.

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