Status updates (a la IPB) & Migration questions

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  • One thing I really dig in IPB is the Status update hook. Example:

    Is there anything similar for nodeBB? Perhaps I'm not searching the right terms for plugins.

    Relatedly, things that are plugin-dependent (such as status, polls, ... even forum sigs? PMs?... etc) -- how does this translate over in a migration? I notice that the only existing IPB->nodeBB converter works only for an old version of node, which seems like a bit of a hassle, especially as it might require tracking down old versions of everything else (mongo, nodeJS) to install with it.

    I'm contemplating the idea of switching over from IPB to node, but at first glance it looks like it'd be a cumbersome process. If anyone has any insights to share, I'd appreciate them! I'm especially concerned about how much would be lost in the crossover.

    Thanks, everyone!

  • Even though this topic should be moved to another category, I would like to request this plugin as well.

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