How to get image resized when using Plugin IMGUR ?

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    @dunlix said in Best NodeBB plugins?:

    @anodetobb in the NodeBB settings (ACP) There is an option somewhere to open new links in new tabs. Maybe in settings>posts but not sure. On a desktop you can just middle click.

    Thanks very much! 👍🏻

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    I'll soon be creating a custom theme and some plugins for a forum that is already in use and I'm thinking about running second instance on with the new theme and plugins enabled when it's close to being ready (but in need of testing), that I'd like to work with the same database as the main forum - so that users can just use beta if they want to preview new features while still using the same forum as others.

    Now, I know that the list of themes/plugins enabled is stored in database, so I'd probably need to do something about that, but is there anything else that would stop me from running two instances with a bit different configs off one database? Some sync issue with posts/topics or something like that?

    EDIT: actually, since I might as well help others, would it be a good idea to add an option to add some instance identifier to db plugin entries to core? Perhaps in config.json? So that if it's set NodeBB would look for plugins:<instance>:active for example.

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    We currently don't have an NSFW filter plugin, but I don't see why one cannot be made 😄

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    Hey guys. I'm new to nodebb & really happy to found such a promising project but since i want a more specialized style than the default themes/skins i'm customizing the templates atm. I'm currently trying the get the hostname with no success. I googled around and found that I should use {url} but when I try to use it in the template of a plugin (nodebb-plugin-featured-topics-extended) i only get an empty string in the produced html. Somebody know a good way? I would like to dodge the bullet to dive deep into the source code 😱

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    LXC refers to the technology that enables programs to work in containers like Docker. I haven't tried it, but there are dockerized versions of NodeBB that are supposed to be easy to deploy. Because it's still kind of a new technology for deployment YMMV.

    Traditionally NodeBB is deployed as a process running on a VPS (which is commonly a VM dedicated to you (aka KVM)) since it already has all the daemonization logic built in. So, this is the best tested and most common method of deployment. You can get a VPS from providers like Digital Ocean, AWS, Azure, etc.

    Even if you don't have access to educator resources, there are typically ways to get free server time