What's the best practice to make tpl, back-end function work together in plugin?

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  • Hi guys,

    What I want is a custom page with some form to submit data to the db. I have learnt quite a few about the plugin system and start with the nodebb-plugin-quickstart, then modify it and make my own custom page visible. But the quickstart's page is for the admin and I guess this is the submit data handling funciton in static/lib/admin.js:

    define('admin/plugins/quickstart', ['settings'], function(Settings) {
    var ACP = {};
    ACP.init = function() {
    	Settings.load('quickstart', $('.quickstart-settings'));
    	$('#save').on('click', function() {
    		Settings.save('quickstart', $('.quickstart-settings'), function() {
    				type: 'success',
    				alert_id: 'quickstart-saved',
    				title: 'Settings Saved',
    				message: 'Please reload your NodeBB to apply these settings',
    				clickfn: function() {
    return ACP;

    But obviously it's for a ACP page, and I want a form page for all users. So may you tell me how to add the $('#save').on('click', function()... for my form page, and where to write the post function? Thank you very much!

  • @psychobunny @baris @yariplus @julian @PitaJ Could you give me some tip or plugin as sample? Thanks a lot!

  • @Tivon Hm, maybe the shoutbox plugin could get you pointed in the right direction?

  • @Bri Thanks, it's helpful! 🙂

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