Can't debug NodeBB with node-inspector

  • I'm on Arch and NodeBB is working fine, but I'm having problems when trying to debug it.

    I've followed the documentation on how to use node-inspector. While I don't call the kill command I can access NodeBB in localhost:4567 but after doing so it just never loads. Opening node-inspector I can see the files and add breakpoints but I can't load NodeBB.

    This is making me so angry that I don't know how I've not given up yet.

  • Global Moderator Plugin & Theme Dev

    @An_dz Node has first-class support for Chrome devtools integration, now. Check here for more information or google "node devtools debugging" or "node --inspect"

    Make sure you are executing node with the --nolazy argument. I haven't personally got the devtools integration working, but I know in VS Code, all you need are the runtime arguments --debug and --nolazy.

  • Huuugh, so easy. Thanks a lot, it's working. But now it's time to understand the code. 😁

  • Swedes

    Nice way to debug. I am still using console.log() 🙂 I guss my stuff is to simple

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