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  • Let's imagine I'm setting up a forum for reading groups, a site that allows its members to create groups. I have my own login system (via Laravel's Auth system), so I'll need NodeBB to recognize that (which I think is possible via an SSO plugin).

    Members of the site will be able to create their own groups, which I'll want to then use an API to create the group forum in NodeBB.

    I'll want to have some public forums, as well as provide for the private forums of the member groups. The structure might look like this:

    • Books (public)
      +- Fiction (public)
      +- Non-fiction (public)
    • Support (public)
    • My Groups (private to the logged-in user)
      +- Grandma's Book Club (private to the logged-in user)
      +- Weekend Warriors Book Club (private to the logged-in user)

    Is this sort of structure and functionality possible with NodeBB?

  • I have implemented a similar configuration by using groups. Creating categories that only have privileges for groups and adding users to those groups.

    It is not a perfectly streamlined process as people have to request to be added to specific groups but it does work.

  • @rod Yeah, the request is appropriate. In fact, people will be invited to groups. There won't be a lot of requesting to join at first...

    I figure this is the functionality I want:

    1. When a user signs up on my site, create the forum (NodeBB) account. (Is that necessary?) This will give the user on-site messaging with other users.
    2. When the user creates a group on my site, create the associated group forum. Set user as owner/admin.
    3. Allow other users to join that group by invitation from the owner.
    4. When a user closes his account, close the forum group and archive all material.
    5. When a user leaves a group on my site, disconnect them from the associated forum as well.

    I'm wondering if Muut would be better for this kind of functionality...

    Any and all opinions requested and appreciated!

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    Yes that should work, we might release 1.15.5 to hot fix so you could use that too.

  • Anonymous Forum?

    Technical Support
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    I have a website with a recently installed nodeBB forum that is aimed towards personal privacy industry.

    The entire forum has guest posting enabled for privacy reasons.

    Is there a way to:

    Disable ip address tracking forum wide.

    Present a question / answer challenge when users post to prevent abuse?
    I am aware of Google captcha but due to privacy concers this is not a possible option for us.

    Ideally, if there can be a "Privacy Mode" toggle in admin settings when enabled would disable ip forum wide ip address tracking that would be awesome.

    Thank you.

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    Suppose that we have in the username's edit page and I want put a text after header, up the box where user put username and password. So I create:

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    The problem is that in this way , the button with id"submitBtn" that let me ti change username is not work. I can't click it. Anyone can help me to resolve this?

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    Then in that case, I would check to make sure the version of Persona you have installed matches the version defined in package.json.

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    So I have an odd little issue. I am trying to use a plugin "shortcode" (or whatever the proper terminology is) in a Text widget but it is not working.

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